Creating a minimal docker container of Parrot OS for running an automated pentest.

This docker container can be used for auditing all standard security assessment for you.

There are more than 20 Modules has been Integrated with in the container which can be used for automated pentest.

Number Of Modules


How to run it

Create a docker volume to store your automated pentest reports

▶ docker volume create pentest-reports

Now run the below commands if you want to play around with docker container in your local machine:

▶ git clone && cd automated-pentest &&
  docker build -t=localhost/pentest . &&
  docker run -d --name pentest -d -v pentest-reports:/src -it localhost/pentest

Or download it from Dockerhub (Currently there are some issues with Dockerhub image build)

▶ docker run -d --name pentest -d -v pentest-reports:/src vishnunair/pentest:latest

Execute the pentest script inside the container like below:

▶ docker exec -it pentest bash

└──╼ #./ -d

All the reports can be seen in /src inside the container however you can also access it from your local machine.

If your docker host is Linux, you can find Docker volumes by /var/lib/docker/volumes path.

▶ docker volume inspect pentest-reports

However if you’re using MacOs. Try to cd /var/lib/docker/volumes from your MacOS terminal, and you’ll get nothing. You see, your Mac machine isn’t a real Docker host.

So execute the below script to access the reports from your local machine path ~/Documents/ and you can use any browser to view the reports:

▶ bash ./

Check your ~/Documents/src folder for the reports

For more info, please check the github repo