Why dc/os?

DC/OS is based on the production proven Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel, combining years of real-life experience with best practices for building and running modern applications in production.

Build modern apps using state of the art technologies such as containers and big data services, and confidently move from development to production.

You can learn more about dc/os from here

Why dc/os in Vimpelcom?

You can see the ansible repo from here

FYI, from the below images, you may notice the ELB’s & ip’s, don’t worry 🙄🙄 it’s a temporary cluster created for testing this playbook 😛😜😜

Once you installed, you can see the number of nodes like below


Number of nodes

For installing dcos cli


dcos cli

For running a single service


Single service

For scaling the running service


Scaling service

Here you can see the service has been scaled to 5


Scaling service