EC2 (elastic cloud compute)

Instance Stop:

  1. New internal IP address (though could randomly be the same).

  2. New external IP address (though could randomly be the same).

  3. If an Elastic IP address was associated with the instance before it was stopped, then you’ll need to re-associate it after the start. (Behavior may differ with VPC instances.)

  4. Any contents on the instance’s former ephemeral storage were wiped and you are given fresh ephemeral storage (often mounted as /mnt).

  5. You can leave an instance stopped for as long as you like and not get charged for run time (though you do get charged at a much lower rate for the EBS volume storage). See the next point.

  6. A fresh billing hour is started for the instance when you start it again. E.g., if you start a new instance and then stop/start it 3 times within the first 60 minutes, you’ll get charged for 4 hours instead of 1.

  7. There is a small chance that EC2 will not have available slots of the correct instance type to run your instance when you want to start it again. I’ve had this happen and temporarily switched to a different, available instance type to get it running again.

Instance Termination

Instance Reboot

EBS Boot Vs Instance Store

If you are just getting started with Amazon EC2, then use EBS boot instances and stop reading this article. Forget that you ever heard about instance-store and accept my apology that I just mentioned it. Once you are completely comfortable with using EBS boot instances on EC2, you may (or may not) want to come back here and read why you made a good decision.

Benefits of EBS Boot Instances

Even if you use an EBS boot instance, I still recommend keeping your data on a separate EBS volume. This has a number of benefits.

Changing Instance type(large or small), architecture (32bit or 64bit) There are 3 limitations that we need to keep in mind

For example: Small Instances can only grow to Medium while Extra Large Instances can only shrink to Large.

Solved – “I can’t connect to my server on Amazon EC2″ by Alestic.

Convert Instance store to EBS backed Instance.