How to recover your Amazon SES smtp credentials:-

Important Note:

Your SMTP password is not the same as your AWS secret access key. Do not attempt to use your AWS credentials to authenticate yourself against the SMTP endpoint. 

There are two ways to generate your SMTP credentials. You can either use the Amazon SES console or you can generate your SMTP credentials from your AWS credentials.

Use the Amazon SES console to generate your SMTP credentials if:

Generate your SMTP credentials from your AWS credentials if:

 A user’s SMTP username is the same as their AWS Access Key ID, so you just need to generate the SMTP password. 

Here I am doing a Java implementation  that converts an AWS SECRET ACCESS KEY to an Amazon SES SMTP password.

For example:  I am creating a file called “”  and in this file I create a class named “smtp” and inside you need to give your AWS SECRET ACCESS KEY 


You can download this file from here.

You  Need to execute this file as:


This will create a file called “smtp” and you need to execute again as :


And this will prompt your AMAZON SES SMTP PASSWORD :)