Use –rr option (reduced redundancy) for every put and sync commands !!!.  Use –bucket-location option to mention nearest geographical location to avoid latency.

To view contents inside a bucket #s3cmd ls s3://bucketname

To copy/sync a directory into a bucket #s3cmd sync Desktop/check s3://bucket_name

To view all contents of all buckets one level down (only non empty buckets) #s3cmd la -H

To sync contents of a local dir in a buckter under an existing directory (s3 object) #s3cmd sync Desktop/checkunni/ s3://writingz/check/

To sync remote s3 contents to a local directory #s3cmd sync s3://writingz/check/ Desktop/checkunni/

To sync contents of a local dir in a bucket under a new directory name #s3cmd sync Desktop/checkunni/ s3://homie/newname/ Here newname directory is created on the fly and files of checkunni are copied inside s3://homie/newname

Copy a non-empty directory (on s3) from one bucket to another bucket #s3cmd -r cp s3://homie/newname s3://writingz/

Copy a non-empty directory (on s3) from one bucket to another bucket under a new name #s3cmd -r cp s3://homie/newname s3://writingz/newname2/

To find the size of a bucket/directory #s3cmd du -H s3://writingz

To download only a single file #s3cmd get s3://homie/dirname/filename .

To download a remote directory locally. #s3cmd get -rf s3://writingz/checkunni . use a / (forward slash) after checkunni to download only the files in it.

To upload a single file #s3cmd put PSY.mp3 s3://homie/newname/

To upload a local dir to bucket #s3cmd put -rf s3test s3://homie/newname/

Delete a file #s3cmd del s3://writingz/abc.jpg

Delete a directory #s3cmd del -rf s3://writingz/check/

Move a file (can also be used for rename with files only)**** #s3cmd mv s3://writingz/abc.png s3://haye/

Move a directory to another bucket  #s3cmd mv -rf s3://writingz/newname2 s3://haye/

Know the s3cmd version #s3cmd –version

Make a file public using #s3cmd put –acl-public hangover3.jpg s3://viewzz/abc.jpg

Make a file private using #s3cmd setacl –acl-private s3://viewzz/hangover3.jpg

Set all files in a bucket to public/private #s3cmd setacl –acl-public -r s3://writingz/

If an md5 checksum is need to verify files integrity use #sudo s3cmd info s3://viewzz/hangover3.jpg (an amazon s3 object) #md5sum hangover3.jpg (locally downloaded file from s3) and compare the checksum value.

To delete a bucket (bucket has to be empty use s3cmd del – to delete all files) #s3cmd rb s3:// (use -f option if bucket is non-empty)

Get various information about Buckets or Files #s3cmd info s3://BUCKET[/OBJECT]

Other useful options –delete-removed Delete remote objects with no corresponding local file [sync]

–no-delete-removed Don’t delete remote objects. –skip-existing Skip over files that exist at the destination (only for [get] and [sync] commands).

–continue Continue getting a partially downloaded file (only for [get] command).

–reduced-redundancy, –rr Store object with ‘Reduced redundancy’. Lower per-GB price. [put, cp, mv, sync]

–acl-public Store objects with ACL allowing read for anyone.

–acl-private Store objects with default ACL allowing access for you


–bucket-location=BUCKET_LOCATION Datacentre to create bucket in. Eg :  ap-northeast-1  (Tokyo)

The ACL (Access Control List) of a file can be set at the time of upload using –acl-public or –acl-private options with ‘s3cmd put’ or s3cmd sync’ commands (see below).

Alternatively the ACL can be altered for existing remote files with ‘s3cmd setacl –acl-public’ (or –acl-private) command.

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