Sharing some interesting links to keep you busy!!!

Serverless Architectures 

What’s new in Facebook open source

Serverless Big Data pipeline on AWS 

From idea to reality: containers in production at GoCardless 

Sanctuary is a handy tool for launching a Vault instance in AWS. It provides a simple tool which configures AWS services like S3 (for logs), DynamoDB (for secrets) and a VPC network, along with certs from letsencrypt.

Serverless + Microservices 

AWSAM (Amazon Web Services Account Manager) allows you to easily manage multiple sets of AWS credentials.

Use different IAM roles for each Docker container on an EC2 instance 

Python Serverless Microframework for AWS 

Verify the configuration of your OS X machine. 

A simple script to automate the creation of the cheapest AWS spot instances given your requirements.

An AI Based Chatbot 

GraphDash: A web-based dashboard built on graphs and their metadata

Parallel SSH commands executioner and file synchronization tool

Integrate Telegram into your workflow

PyConSG 2016 videos

DockerCon 2016 videos 

Deploy a multi services application with swarm mode

Deploy ELK with Docker 

Docker Swarm on DigitalOcean

Build and monitor Kafka pipelines with Confluent Control Center

From Pig to Spark : an easy journey to Spark for Apache Pig developers

Building WePay’s data warehouse using BigQuery and Airflow

Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016

A collection of tools for working with Apache Kafka.

Apache NiFi – MiNiFi is (almost) out! 

Elastic Scaling in Kafka Streams 

Powering real time fraud detection with BigQuery 

What Goes Down Better Come Up a.k.a. Adventures in Hbase Diagnostics 

Moving the Utilization Needle with Hadoop Overcommit 

Brain Monitoring with Kafka, OpenTSDB, and Grafana

Complex Event Processing on top of Kafka Streams