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Dropbox Hacked — More Than 68 Million Account Details Leaked Online 

Dropbox employee’s password reuse led to theft of 60M+ user credentials

Undebt: How We Refactored 3 Million Lines of Code 

Nginx resolver vulnerabilities allow cache poisoning attack 

On Uber’s Choice of Databases 

On Cybersecurity and Being Targeted 

A utility for sending notifications, on demand and when commands finish

How do you handle DDoS attacks? 

Videos from Big Data Day LA 2016 


nodeSS : Node.js Security Scanner 

Forking Docker Not 

Promoting Security Best Practices with Observatory 

4 use cases and insights regarding Kubernetes namespaces 

Floating Domains – Taking Over 20K DigitalOcean Domains via a Lax Domain Import System 

HackedThat: Breaking in to a hardened server via the back door 

Designing a fast Hash Table 

Automating the provisioning and configuration of Redhat Mobile Application platform 

Embrace chatops, stop installing deployment software 

Powerful AWS Platform Features, Now for Containers 

AWS Application Load Balancer 

The files in this GitHub Repo are used to produce the AWS Week in Review 

Randomly terminate ASG instances during business hours 

Runs commands against every box within aws 

Integrates ssh and tmux with aws cli to create tmux sessions that open a pane for each aws instance. 

Create a Couchbase cluster using Kubernetes 

A dashboard for monitoring code debt in a git repository. 

Fetch and plot AWS spot pricing history 

Socker is a library for Go to simplify the use of SSH 

Go: A distributed, in-memory key-value storage.

Job server in Go 

Securing The Enterprise Software Supply Chain Using Docker 

Containers – Clean up your House 

Run PowerShell Natively on Linux with Docker

How to Use Volume Drivers and Storage with New Docker Service Command  

Improved Options for Service Load Balancing in Docker 1.12.0 

One easy way to inject malicious code in any Node.js application 

Docker-based sandbox (both single and multi-node) for Apache HAWQ  

“We do REST” is not Enough 

Building a Remote Caching System 

Bootstrap Kubernetes the hard way.  

Context aware MySQL pools via HAProxy 

Autoscaling: Its Purpose and Strategies 

Fetching and running docker container images with rkt 

Processing Tweets with Kafka Streams 

Database Scaling (Sharding) with MongoDB