Sharing some interesting links to keep you busy during the weekend!!

Pyflame: Uber Engineering’s Ptracing Profiler for Python

An Introduction to Stock Market Data Analysis with Python

How to Configure NGINX for a Flask Web Application

Uses WiFi signals and machine learning to predict where you are.

Open source push notifications

Keep email out of your inbox when you’re not at work.

Tracing HTTP request latency in golang 

httpstat: Colored Visualization of HTTP Request Stats

Running production applications in containers: Introducing OCID 

Building Microservices

Master the DOM 

Build A CI/CD Pipeline with Golang

A DNS client in Go that supports Google DNS over HTTPS 

Use Docker to build, test and push your Artifacts 

MongoDB replica set on swarm mode 

Simple Data Processing Pipeline with Golang 

A list of interesting and open source Android apps. 

Six Essential Features for Highly Available Redis 

Mask credit card numbers, emails and more 

An online keepass-like tool to manage password. client-side AES encryption! 

Mesos at Strava 

Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm

A Real Time Chat Application built using Node.js, Express, Mongoose,, Passport, & Redis. 

Strategies for Running Stateful Applications in Kubernetes: Volumes 

Image super-resolution through deep learning 

Awesome Continuous Integration - Lot’s of tools for git, file and static source code analysis.

Back Up Files For You

5 things about Docker on Raspberry Pi 

Running Prometheus Docker container for monitoring Microservices on Raspberry Pi

Scaling Jenkins with Docker and Apache Mesos