A list of awesome #AngularJs services, directives, utilities and resources.

node-shell-parser: Tiny and handy lib for parsing the usual space-separated tables we get as shell commands outputs

DOCKER & VMWARE: 1 + 1 = 3

Service discovery with Docker

A shell which places users into individual docker containers

Docker container orchestration platform

Multiple Docker containers logging to a single syslog

What Docker does right and what it doesn’t do right… yet

Building Docker images with Puppet

Apache Storm and Kafka Cluster with Docker

Docker Service Discovery Using Etcd and Haproxy

Squashing Docker Images

The fundamental problem of programming language package management

JavaScript library for simple HTML5 & CSS3 time sheets

Turn any writing surface into digital streaming and sharing. Powered by the HD camera & Rocketboard’s Computer Vision algorithms.

Tracy library is a useful PHP everyday programmer’s helper.

The Recki Compiler Toolkit for PHP

49ers’ stadium Wi-Fi served 25,000 concurrent users, 2.13TB in all

The Relative Cost of Bandwidth Around the World

Why I Am The Most Important #DevOps Thought Leader

Bringing the #Linux #Revolution to the Networking

Billion Messages - Art of Architecting scalable #ElastiCache #Redis tier

DNS server that lets you look up ec2 instances by instance name

Scumblr is a web application that allows performing periodic searches and storing / taking actions on the identified results.

A modern reverse proxy for node

Ship it!! A story of continuous delivery at theguardian.com

Facebook unveils Autoscale, its load-balancing system that achieves an average power saving of 10-15%

How Fast Can You Debug?

perfbar: Simple way to collect and look at your website performance metrics quickly, that supports budgeting and adding custom metrics.

Build HTML5 Mobile Apps with Bootstrap and Angular JS

Things I wished I knew while doing my tech bachelor / undergraduate (Slides and video)

Angular module for jQuery nestable plugin

What happens when a non-coder tries to learn Linux