Docker Security Flaw Found.

Service discovery with consul and consul-template.

How we scaled Instagram.

Edda is a Service to track changes in your cloud deployments.

Docker vs VMs

Auditing for TLS certificates.

venus.js: where bugs go to die

Minesweeper is a tool to detect websites infected with drive-by malware.

VclFiddle is an online tool for experimenting with the Varnish Cache HTTP reverse-proxy in a sandboxed environment.

AWS Service registry for resilient mid-tier load balancing and failover.

Sometimes Kill -9 Isn’t Enough.

Performance Tuning EC2 Instances.

Web-based PostgreSQL database browser.

Go and JSON.

Aurora on Amazon RDS.

Check that your files are on your CDN.

AWS Public IP Address Ranges Now Available in JSON Form.

Which configuration management tool should you use?

A Saltstack salt-api and reactor formula for integrating HTTP webhooks with Saltstack executions.

Jenkins: saltstack-plugin.

Portable AWS-style infrastructure service for Docker.

Octopush is an application to manage deployment requests executed by Jenkins.

Helios: Docker container orchestration platform.

ZenHub is a lightweight browser extension that injects features directly into GitHub’s native interface. Fast, simple, and effective.

Firehose is both a Rack application and JavaScript library that makes building real-time web applications possible.

How-to: Deploy Symfony Application to AWS ElasticBeanstalk.

HHVM is an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP.

A mass deployment tool for Docker fleets.

Google’s Blockly is a web-based, visual programming editor.

A simple docker client for the JVM.

A docker container to run kibana, compatible with

ElasticSearch 1.4.0 on Docker until the official dockerfile/elasticsearch image gets updated.