Sharing some interesting links :)

Chef Style DevOps Kung fu

The Realities of Docker in Production.

Saltconf15 videos.

Delete any video from YouTube in one shot.

Netflix teams with AWS to launch VHS-as-a-service.

Discover Pinterest: Search and Discovery.


Docker, Kubernets, & OpenShift.

Facebook is shutting down access to hashtags in its API.

An easier, faster way to build apps with React and JavaScript.

Seccomp, a proposed new security feature in Docker.

Optimizing communications between Docker containers.

Readings in Databases.

Building a REST API in golang.

Monitoring Large Scale Data Pipelines.

Why Stacks are HUGE for Devs Using Docker.

gobench - Go Benchmark Competition.

Auto restart distribute services from power cut or service crash.

Adventures in message queues.

A dead simple, data-binding & observable model.

Kappa is a command line tool that (hopefully) makes it easier to deploy, update, and test functions for AWS Lambda.

How We Set Up Peer Server Networks Using Tutum and Docker.

Composable Buffers for Go #golang.

Docker Inspect Template Magic.

Shrinking Docker Images.

Zero-downtime Deployments with Ansible.

Configurable docker containers for multiple environments.

GitHub battles “largest DDoS” in site’s history, targeted at anti-censorship tools.

Build Chrome-like Tabs with Bootstrap and AngularJS.

Login with the built-in Laravel 5 Scaffolding.

Google warns of unauthorized TLS certificates trusted by almost all OSes.

Lattice is a container management platform combining web load-balancing, a cluster scheduler, log aggregation and health management.

A list of software and SaaS, PaaS etc offerings that have free tiers for devs.

Graphite beacon is a very simple alerting system for Graphite metrics.

CoreOS + Kubernetes + OpenStack

Perform the same request against two HTTP servers and diff the results.

A unikernel experiment: A VM for every URL.

Test-driving web server configuration.

Transparent huge pages and memory usage.

Integration testing with Mesos, Chronos and Docker.

Correct, reproducible, fast builds for everyone.

Javascript and maps.

meteor, docker, aws opsworks

A framework for building native apps using REACT.

Control your SSH Logins.

How to create a Swarm cluster with Docker.

A sample Docker workflow with Nginx, Node.js and Redis.

Docker security in the future.